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A Guide to On Your Day Stationery

On Your Day stationery can sometimes be confusing. 

What is there available? What do you need to have and what can you do without? Is it better to take on the task yourself, or should you ask for help?

Many brides and grooms see this as an opportunity to save cash and 'do it themselves', but the days and weeks leading up to your Big Day have the potential to be jam packed with other jobs and having to tackle your 'On the Day' stationery just to save a few pennies here and there can be counter-intuitive and can lead to a massive feeling of overwhelm.

We can help you with every item you could possibly need for 'On Your Day' and we are skilled at making your design flow through from your invitation. Little details like this provide the glue that holds everything together and really allows you to show the love, care and attention that has gone into planning your Big Day.

Here's our guide to the stationery items you should be thinking about when it comes to your wedding day. To make it easier for you to get to grips with, we've shown the items available in three categories: essential, nice to have and fun to have.

ESSENtial wedding stationery items for the big day

Table Plans

If you are having a formal sit down meal, this is something you are sure to need. A fun opportunity to get quirky with the design and bring an extra smile to your guests’ faces! Think of a hobby you may both share and see if there’s anything you can use as inspiration – examples include music artists, football players, flowers, book characters, cruise ships, restaurants, song names and landmarks. 

Table Numbers/Names

If you are naming your tables after something in particular, or just by number, you will need these on each table to let your guests know where their table is. The table numbers we produce tend to be double sided so that they can be seen from all angles of the room and helps to guides guests to their tables quickly and efficiently.

Place Names

This item allows guests to know whereabouts on the table you would like them to sit. Particularly important if you would like a special person, e.g. a grandparent, sitting in a specific spot around a table so that they can see the bride and groom for example. Some people opt not to have place names and let people sit where they want around a table, but place names avoid any confusion on the day.

Order of Service

We’ve put this into the ‘must have’ category as it is a needed item for religious ceremonies. It’s not as necessary if you’re having a civil ceremony, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular ‘nice to have’ keepsake for non-religious services as you can have a bit of fun with it and include fun facts about the bride and groom, details of the wedding party, and a nice thank you note for your guests.

An order of service for a religious ceremony will include a guide to the entire service and will display the words to hymns as well as detailing the names of the readings and who has the honour of reading them. It will also include instructions to guests for any vocal contributions they need to make, such as 'we will' and allows everyone to follow what is happening when.

An order of service for a civil ceremony is much simpler and will essentially just be the running order. It will include the names of any readings together with who is reading them. They can also double up as an Order of the Day with this information appearing on the reverse of the Order of Service. 

NON-essential (BUT ADVISED) items


Food is such an important part of the day for your guests and people love to know what deliciousness awaits them! You only need one or two per table, but they are a popular table item. If you’d rather not have a separate item, consider adding the menu to the reverse of the table name/number, or perhaps the table plan.

Guest Books

A guest book offers you the opportunity to capture a moment in time and ask all your guests to contribute a message which you can look back on fondly for years. We offer traditional plain guest books but can also help with everything from fun photo books to fingerprint trees. Ask us about different ideas to get your guests to mark their attendance at your Big Day.


Table Games

Get your guests guessing with a series of fun table games. From a ‘couples quiz’ to ‘speeches bingo’, we can create games to get everyone talking at the table.


Signage is becoming increasingly popular, and we’ve created social media signs to remind guests to be respectful of your wishes in this area, and signs to point people in the direction of handy extras like flip flops! 

Order of the Day

Let's face it. Everyone likes to know when they'll be eating! An Order of the Day, which can either be given out to your guests at a ceremony, or displayed as a large sign somewhere, gives your guests a guide to the running order of the day and lets them know when to expect events to happen.

Any invitation design you see on our website can be turned into a suite of On the Day stationery. We are working on our website to ensure that the designs show how they can be continued from save the date, all the way through to thank you cards, but in the meantime, if you need any help with your wedding stationery, please get in touch :)

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