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About our Personalisation Service

Have you visited our wedding stationery showroom to browse our invitations?  

Or have you found us online and taken a look at our designs online? 

Have you found yourself thinking, “It's nice. We like it. But we don’t love it.” 

We have hundreds of designs and many people experience love at first sight, but for others, it's more of a "let's work at it and we could be good together" kind of start to the relationship.

Making it Your Perfect Invite

Liking a design might be good enough for some companies, but not for us! 

We believe in falling in love.  Pure, unadulterated, passionate love that leaves you feeling breathless and all mushy inside. And remember, we’re about Your Perfect Invitation - not ours, or someone else’s. 

That’s why we have created our Personalisation Service, ideal for people who have found one of our invitations and like it, but don’t love it.  


Why would we choose this service?

It might be that you’ve found a design you like, but you want it on a different style.  Or, you like a couple of features from different invites and want to bring them together.

It’s important to know that all of our invitations can always be changed in terms of colours and materials free of charge, and we can show you plenty of different material choices in the showroom. But this service is there for tweaks over and above colours and materials. 

What is included in the Personalisation Service?

  • One hour of our designer's time
  • Direct input into the changes you'd like to make

Hard copy samples are available at £10 per set.

Ready to Book?


Book your one-hour Personalisation Service to create Your Perfect Invite and choose from a range of dates and times to suit your convenience.

You will receive an instant email confirmation and a text and email reminder closer to the time.

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