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Stuck for a wedding theme?

So then, he (or she!) has popped the big question and the planning has begun!  You’ve got an idea on when and where, but people keep asking you about your ‘theme’.  AAAGGGHH you think...I just want to get married, why do I need a theme?!

The thought of a theme can be quite daunting but it really doesn’t have to be a chore or a trial choosing one. We're not actually big fans of the word 'theme' as it can bring up visions of Cowboys and Indians or a tacky, gimmicky occasion. All a wedding theme is, is a common element or two that ties everything together. Almost like your own personal wedding brand!

Here are our four fabulous tips on what type of theme you could consider.

TIP ONE: Consider Colour

When you consider that it could be as simple as a consistent colour or two that runs throughout, then it doesn’t seem as scary.  If you’ve picked your bridesmaid's dress already, then why not use those shades as a splash of colour on your stationery?

We have a wide choice of colours and materials available to look at online, or in our showroom

And if you don’t want to give the colour of your day away, that’s not a problem either.  We can ensure that there’s a big surprise by going for neutral colours in your ‘Before the Day’ stationery and then amending the designs for the day to reveal your colour to all your guests.

If you want to talk this through with us, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

I haven't chosen a colour yet!

Ok, so you quite like the idea of a common colour or two running throughout, but you can’t quite decide on what colours to go for. If you’ve not loved a colour from when you were little, where do you go from there?  I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve always adored yellow, so choosing my colour was easy when I got married in August 2009.  And I know if my sister-in-law Kelly ever gets married, there will be a sea of pink everywhere!

But not everyone has a favourite colour.  If you’re one of those people, why not take a look around your home?  Can you see a predominant colour?  You may have a favourite and not even know it! If you’re still stuck for a colour, why not take a look at our latest trends article to see what the ‘in’ colours are for this year? 

TIP TWO: Consider Gathering Inspiration from the Season 

If you still haven't a clue which colour you crave, why not take inspiration from the season you’re getting married in?

For instance, if your wedding falls in autumn, look at browns and oranges and if it’s a spring wedding, choose greens to mark new growth. Summer says to me bright colours like yellow (of course!)  and vibrant pinks whereas winter says cool colours like pale blue and silver or alternatively a deep red with gold if you’re getting wed in the festive season. 

TIP THREE: Consider Common Interests

If colour isn’t doing it for you, how about taking a look at your hobbies and interests?  

Do you and your partner share a common love for music...or film perhaps?

Why not go for one of our ticket style invitations if you have a love of cinema? In the past we’ve worked with brides who love Formula 1 and grooms who love football and we’ve managed to work it into a classy set of stationery for them.

If you’ve got something specific in mind, take a look at our free of charge design service where we will work with you to create something that truly reflects your personalities (I can hear you thinking ‘that sounds expensive’ but it’s not, I promise!)  Go on, check it know you want to!

TIP FOUR: Consider Flower Power!

The bride’s bouquet is another place to look for ideas.  

If you’ve chosen your bridal flowers, why not match your stationery to them?  Have a look at our floral designs on where all the popular flowers can be found.  

If you haven’t decided on your flowers yet, again, why not look to the season you’re getting married in and see if anything ‘springs’ to mind!  

Below we’ve listed some suggestions based on each month of the year.

  • January - Carnation or Snowdrop
  • February - Violet or Primrose
  • March - Daffodil
  • April - Sweet Pea or Daisy
  • May - Lily of the Valley
  • June - Rose
  • July - Larkspur or Water Lily
  • August - Gladiolus or Poppy
  • September - Aster or Morning Glory
  • October - Marigold
  • November - Chrysanthemum
  • December - the Narcissus

Hopefully we've given you a few things to think about in this article, but if you're still stuck for a few ideas, why not give us a call or pop into our showroom for a friendly chat and we'll see how else we can help!

01908 262890  20 Carters Yard, Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HL  I  [email protected]

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