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When Should We Send Our Wedding Invitations?

Sending your wedding invitation is a delicate balance between getting people really excited about the event of the year, and giving guests enough time to make any necessary preparations they need to in order to attend your special day.

Aim for maximum impact

Send your invitation out too early and you run the risk of your guests putting it to one side and thinking 'that's ages away'. Send them out too late and guests may have made other non-movable plans (like holidays), or they may miss out on accommodation in the area. You want your invite to have impact, so timing is crucial! This is why we say that you should avoid sending invitations in December at all costs! Christmas is at the forefront of most people's minds, so your invitation is likely to have little impact in the festive season... and that just isn't right! For spring and summer weddings, the start of the year is a really popular time for sending out wedding invitations as it helps beat the January blues!

Sending invitations is one time when tradition should be avoided!

Traditionally, wedding invitations were sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the event, but leaving it that late in this day and age, when people lead such busy lives, leaves us feeling very nervous! Your wedding isn't just another party! You want as many of your nearest and dearest to be with you as possible, so giving people adequate notice is imperative.

Aim for 4-6 months as a rough guide

As a general rule, wedding invitations should be sent out approximately 4-6 months before your Big Day.  The exact time will vary based on your circumstances, so we've pulled together these handy infographics to help you work out when to send your invite! And remember... it's generally a good idea to be specific on who is invited. For more information on why, read our blog post "You're Invited - Or Are You?"

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